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Home phototherapy treatment for psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and acne

Healthcare Inspectorate WalesTreating psoriasis and other skin conditions with a UVB light unit at home is an economical and convenient choice for many people who are not located close to the Clear Skin Dermatology Treatment Clinic.

Please contact the Clear Skin Clinic to find out more information about this unique service , which allows patients to undertake their treatment in the comfort and convenience of their own home with medical advice provided by the clinic as required.

Like phototherapy in a clinic, it requires a treatment schedule that is carefully designed for the safety of the individual patient to provide the maximum therapeutic Home phototherapy equipmenteffect in the shortest time, while avoiding the uncomfortable side effects that may occur with unsupervised home treatment.

Individuals are treated initially at The Clear Skin Dermatology Treatment Clinic and then begin using a light unit at home. Home phototherapy is a medical treatment that requires monitoring by a health care professional and the medical team at The Clear Skin Dermatology Treatment Clinic provide a complete support and advice service for patients throughout the duration of their treatment.

For more information on Phototherapy treatments please contact The Clearskin Dermatology Treatment Clinic on 029 2079 5775

Patient Testimonials

David Burton-Richardson, who lives near Haverfordwest, was one of the first patients in Wales to have home phototherapy from the Clear Skin clinic. The 50-year-old was suffering from a serious bout of psoriasis, which affected his back, stomach, legs and arms.

My back was pretty well covered and it was keeping me awake because of the itching,” he said. “Having phototherapy at home was great – far better than having to go somewhere else for it. Because of the extent of my psoriasis I had to strip naked but being at home meant I could just stand there comfortably.It was no problem – the machine was very easy to use and handle. I am now virtually clear of the psoriasis, there’s just a small stubborn patch of roughness on my knees which can be controlled with a cream. It was fantastic – I couldn’t have asked for more.” David Burton-Richardson,  Haverfordwest. “Having phototherapy at home has meant I have had to spend no time travelling, which would have been impossible for me with a small child. It has cleared my psoriasis and I am very happy with the results”. RF – West Wales

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In Europe, Home Phototherapy is very popular and the UK is currently a considerable way behind in the provision of this treatment option. For more information on how Home Phototherapy treatment has been succesfully implemented in Holland visit