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Botox treatments at Clear Skin

Healthcare Inspectorate WalesHow does Botox work.

Botox temporarily loosens the muscles that cause lines and wrinkes and hence why it causes a more smooth, wrinkle free appearance. As time goes by the muscles start to work again and as a result a further course of botox injections will be required.




Is it safe? In 2006 the UK government approved the use of botox for cosmetic treatments. If used in the correct mannner and in the correct doses by a qualified doctor it is perfectly safe. As it is a prescribed drug the treatment should be provided by a qualified medical professional.

How is the treatment administered? The treatment is quick and easy to administer and is provided by injections into the appropriate part of the body requiring treatment – around eyes, mouth, etc. Pain and discomfort is minimal and afterwards slight swelling may sometimes occur. Some people do experience a headache after the treatment but this tends to be gone within 24hrs.

What types of Botox are available -There are 5 brands (Botox, Vistabel, Dysport, Azzalure & Bocouture) available in the UK, all of which are entirely safe, reliable and effective.

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